Graduate Student Committee Digital Humanities Showcase

Graduate Student Committee Digital Humanities Showcase
1 December 2022
11am – 3:30pm Eastern

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All day on Thursday, 1 December 2022, the MAA’s Graduate Student Committee will be hosting over Zoom its first-ever Digital Humanities Showcase. This event is a space for attendees to learn about the collaborative efforts of medievalists from across the globe who are incorporating technologies into their study and teaching of the medieval period. This virtual gathering will serve as a forum for scholars to learn about and celebrate achievements in the digital humanities, broadly conceived. This mini-conference will feature three sessions of 10-minute presentations that will cover topics from the crowdsourcing of manuscript digitization all the way to the visualizing and mapping of social networks in the premodern world. These sessions will be followed by a longer feature presentation by Roger L. Martínez-Dávila (Professor of History, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs), who will discuss his work on the Immersive Global Middle Ages project.


11am               Welcome – Reed O’Mara (Chair, MAA Graduate Student Committee)

11:10am          Session 1: Text as Data; Chaired by: Maggie Heeschen

  1. JaShong King, “Two Birds with One Stone: Using Web Languages and Software to Integrate Digital Encoding and Analysis for Late and Post-Roman Laws”
  2. Elias Petrou, “Digitizing Medieval Greek Literature From Medieval Manuscripts to the Digital Platform”
  3. James Baillie, “The Prosopography of High Medieval Georgia”

12:10pm          10-minute break

12:20pm          MAA Digital Humanities and Multimedia Studies Committee – Elizabeth Lastra

12:25               Session 2: Digital Humanities as Public Humanities; Chaired by: Will Beattie

  1. Lea Luecking Frost, “METAscripta Community Catalog and Scholar’s Workbench: Digital Humanities in Manuscript Pedagogy”
  2. Kersti Francis, “Collaborative Digital Editing”
  3. Grace Campagna, “Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Research in the Get to Know Medieval Londoners Project”

1:20                 10-minute break

1:30-2:30        Session 3: Visualizing & Mapping Data; Chaired by: Maria Thomas

  1. Margaret K. Smith, “Submission Strategies: The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395”
  2. Tyler Wolford, “Foxes have their Dens: Mapping the Byzantine Alopekai Estates from the Praktikon of Adam (1073)”
  3. Alice Sullivan and Maria Alessia Rossi, “The Connected Margins of the Medieval World: Mapping Eastern Europe”

2:30-2:40        10-minute break

2:40-3:30        Feature Presentation Roger Martínez-Dávila, “The Immersive Global Middle Ages: A NEH Digital Humanities Institute Exploring the Many Faces of the Middle Ages”

3:30                 Closing Remarks – Reed O’Mara

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