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Speculum 96, no. 4 (October 2021)


Cross-cultural Transfer of Medical Knowledge in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Introduction and Dissemination of Sugar-based Potions from the Islamic World to Byzantium
Petros Bouras-Vallianatos

Froibirg Gives a Gift: The Priest’s Wife in Eleventh-Century Bavaria
Fiona J. Griffiths

Reassembling Textile Networks: Treasuries and Re-collecting Practices in Thirteenth-Century England
Amanda R. Luyster

A Rudder for The Ship of Fools?: Bosch’s Franciscans as Jongleurs of God
Peter V. Loewen

Book ReviewsThis issue of Speculum features 70 book reviews, including:

Abū Maʿšar, The Great Introduction to Astrology, ed. and trans. Keiji Yamamoto and Charles Burnett, with an introduction to the Greek version by David Pingree
Reviewed by Robert Morrison

Joan M. Ferrante and Robert W. Hanning, The Romance of Thebes (Roman de Thèbes)
Reviewed by Raymond Cormier

Tracy Chapman Hamilton and Mariah Proctor-Tiffany, eds. Moving Women Moving Objects (400–1500), with a foreword by Joan A. Holladay
Reviewed by Michelle K. Oing

Catherine E. Karkov, Imagining Anglo-Saxon England: Utopia, Heterotopia, Dystopia
Reviewed by Lori Ann Garner

Erik Kwakkel, Books Before Print
Reviewed by M. Michèle Mulchahey

Michael Lapidge, ed. and trans., Bede’s Latin Poetry
Reviewed by Calvin B. Kendall

Simon Thomas Parsons and Linda M. Paterson, eds., Literature of the Crusades; Linda Paterson, Singing the Crusades: French and Occitan Lyric Responses to the Crusading Movements, 1137–1336, in collaboration with Luca Barbieri, Ruth Harvey, and Anna Radaelli, and with an appendix by Marjolaine Raguin
Reviewed by Stefan Vander Elst

Ramzi Rouighi, Inventing the Berbers: History and Ideology in the Maghrib
Reviewed by Susan Gilson Miller

David A. Traill, ed. and trans., Carmina Burana
Reviewed by Thomas C. Moser Jr.

Cord J. Whitaker, Black Metaphors: How Modern Racism Emerged from Medieval Race-Thinking
Reviewed by Seeta Chaganti

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