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The Centennial Committee continues its work. Over the last few months we have consulted members of the committees of the Academy and the staff in the office in Cambridge who are working hard to help all of us. Now it is time for all members of the Academy to express their opinions about what the second century of our organization should bring.

The Centennial Committee is planning for the commemoration of the many accomplishments of the Academy in its first 100 years. It is also looking ahead to what new directions we might take to promote, expand, extend, improve, and solidify medieval studies within institutions and the wider world in the future. To help us in our deliberations we are asking all of you to tell us what you think. The Centennial Survey asks questions about what the Academy does now, how it helps you, and what it might do in the future. There are many straightforward questions which require simply checking a box but also a number of opportunities for you to offer more extended opinions about the way the organization functions now and what you would like to see it do. The survey should take you no more than a comfortable fifteen minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous.

Your thoughts and opinion are much valued. The greater the number of members who complete the survey the higher the quality of results and the better our ability to direct the ship to the right course for the future. The survey is one way for us to find out what you think. Another way to help us is for you to write directly at our devoted e-mail address: The work of our committee and of the Academy will only be made better by what you tell us. By participating in the survey you also will be eligible to win a free year of membership in the Academy.

Click here to complete the survey, or use this URL:

Thank you very much for your help.

Richard W. Unger
Chair, Centennial Committee

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