MAA Candidates for 2012

Dear MAA Member,

We are pleased to announce the names of the MAA members who have generously agreed to stand for election to office in 2012, as reported by the Nominating Committee. The list of candidates with their photos and brief biographies appears online on the MAA website at:

According to article 26 of the new by-laws of the MAA (adopted 2011):

Nominations of other members of the Academy for elected officers, Councillors, or members of the Nominating Committee may be made by written petition signed by at least seven members of the Academy. A nomination by petition may be for a single office, several offices, or an entire slate. Such petitions must be received by the Executive Director within twenty days of the circulation of the report of the Nominating Committee (article 25), unless the Council extends the period for making nominations by petition.

Since the slate of candidates from the Nominating Committee is being published today the closing date for nomination by petition is now set at midnight, 22 November 2011.

Electronic balloting will open in December to members of the Medieval Academy. If you would like to receive a paper ballot, please let us know.

Voting in the MAA elections is one of the most important means that members have to impact both the MAA and the future of medieval studies in North America. We look forward to our members’ participation in the election of the leadership of the MAA.

Eileen and Ron

Eileen Gardiner
Ronald G. Musto
Executive Directors, Editors of Speculm

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