MAA News – 2016 Schallek Awards

The Medieval Academy, in collaboration with the Richard III Society-American Branch, offers five graduate student awards (in addition to the full-year Fellowship awarded in the fall) in memory of William B. and Maryloo Spooner Schallek, funded by a generous gift to the Richard III Society from the Schallek family. The Schallek Awards support graduate students conducting doctoral research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain (ca. 1350-1500). This year’s Schallek Awards are being granted to:

Helen Cushman (Harvard Univ.), “Producing Knowledge in the Middle English Cycle Plays”

Amanda Ewoldt (Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette), “Conversion and Crusade: The Image of the Saracen in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century English Romance”

Danielle Nicole Griego (Univ. of Missouri – Columbia), “Child Death, Grief and the Community in High and Late Medieval England”

Zachary Stone   (Univ. of Virginia), “Cities of God: Devotional Polity and Metropolitan Literature in Later Medieval London”

Amanda Joan Wetmore (Univ. of Toronto), “Exegetical Erotics in Medieval English Devotional Literature”

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