MAA News – 2019 Schallek Awards

The 2019 Schallek Awards, granted in collaboration with the Richard III Society-American Branch to support dissertation research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain, have been awarded to:

Louisa Foroughi (Fordham University), “What Makes a Yeoman? Status, Religion, and Material Culture in Later Medieval England”

Emmamarie Haasl (University of Michigan), “‘Belonging to London Bridge’: Religion and Commerce in the London Bridge House, c.1209-1592”

Katherine Anne Leach (Harvard University), “Medieval Welsh Healing Charms”

Joanna E. Murdoch (Duke University), “Verse Into Poetry: Middle English Religious ‘Lyric’ and the Poetics of Manuscript Witness”

Chelsea Rae Silva (Univ. of California, Riverside), “Bedwritten: Middle English Medicine and the Ailing Author”

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