MAA News – Dissertation Grant Winners

The 2019 Dissertation Grants have been awarded to:

Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant: Timi Sgouros (Binghamton University), “Mobile Nuns: The Transgressing of Cloister Walls in the Later Middle Ages”

John Boswell Dissertation Grant: Emma Snowden (University of Minnesota), “Bridging the Strait: The Shared History of Iberia and North Africa in Medieval Muslim and Christian Chronicles”

Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant: Casey Ireland (University Of Virginia), “Remains of the Hunt in Middle English Literature”

Grace Frank Dissertation Grant: Rachel Anne Ruisard (University of Maryland, College Park), “The Lady in the Lover’s Clothes: Music and Gender Performance in Lorraine, 1150-1350”

Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant: Dustin S. Aaron (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), “Confronting Wilderness and Self in the Art of the Medieval German Frontier, 1130-1220”

Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant: Elizabeth Comuzzi (Univ. of California, Los Angeles), “The Economy and Economic Connections of Puigcerdà, 1260-1360”

Robert and Janet Lumiansky Dissertation Grant: Shireen Hamza (Harvard University), “Making ṭibb: Medical Exchanges in the Indian Ocean World, 1200-1550 CE”

E. K. Rand Dissertation Grant: Christopher Bonura (Univ. of California, Berkeley), “The ‘Apocalypse of Methodius of Patara’: Reimagining Christian History, Empire, and Eschatology in the Wake of Islam”

Charles Tuttle Wood Dissertation Grant: Jon Paul Heyne (The Catholic University of America), “The Franciscans of the Holy Land: Religion and Politics of the Mediterranean in the Age of Queen Sancia”

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