MAA News – 2024 Dissertation Grants

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Dissertation Grants :

Saagar Asnani (University of California, Berkeley), “Languages of Song: A Sociolinguistic History of Medieval Music and its Vernaculars” (Grace Frank Dissertation Grant)

Austin James Benson (University of Virginia), “The Trilingual Book: Multilingualism, Manuscript Culture, and the Shaping of Insular Verse from the Eadwine Psalter to the Harley Lyrics” (Robert and Janet Lumiansky Dissertation Grant)

Laura Marie Feigen (The Courtauld Institute of Art), “Material Witnesses: Examining the Migration of Hebrew Manuscripts in Relation to Jewish Displacement 1290-1500” (Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant)

Jane Noble Maschue (Catholic University of America), “Saint, Scholar, Martyr: Boethius in the Margins, 800-1500” (E. K. Rand Dissertation Grant)

Patricia Marie McCall (University of Oregon), “Crusading Ideology: Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand” (Charles T. Wood Dissertation Grant)

Mathilde Montpetit (New York University), “Eunuchs and the Performance of Empire in Songhay and the Greater Mediterranean ” (John Boswell Dissertation Grant)

Thomas Philip Morin (Saint Louis University), “Blood on the Page: Genoa, the Latin East, and Competing Narrative Traditions in the Medieval Mediterranean, 1099-1409” (Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant)

Maggie Sager (New York University), “Love Between Women in Islamic Law: Commentary, Continuity, Change” (Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant)

Lauren Van Nest (University of Virginia), “Sacral Performance & Extended Royal Bodies in the Ottonian Empire: The Case of Henry II & Kunigunde (1002 1024)” (Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant)

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