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To the Members of the Medieval Academy of America:

After a year of research, discussion, and hard work, the MAA Council recently approved a new Advocacy Policy to guide us in composing our own advocacy statements and signing on to statements published by other learned societies. We are very grateful to Councilors Hussein Fancy (who has just completed his term) and Elina Gertsman for their work in crafting this new policy. The Advocacy Policy has been posted in the Policies section of our website and is given in full below:

Medieval Academy of America Advocacy Policy

MAA advocacy statements are made by the Advocacy Committee. The Committee may decide to move the question to the vote of the Council or the entire membership. The MAA should be strategic in selecting matters on which to speak out, and public statements should address matters of clear and common professional interest and concern. They should be issued only on matters about which the members have special knowledge and/or expertise. The statement itself should include language that demonstrates such special knowledge. The Committee is also charged with reviewing and signing on to the statements issued by other scholarly societies. In cases where the decision must be made swiftly, the decision to endorse will be made by approval of the three Presidential Officers and will represent their opinions alone.

The Advocacy Committee is composed of six members, holding two-year staggered terms, selected by the Council. Members of the Advocacy Committee may seek to renew their terms with approval of the Council. The Executive Director of the Medieval Academy serves as an additional, ex-officio member of the Advocacy Committee.

For the inaugural committee, three members will be selected for a one-year term and three members will be selected for a two-year term; once the first group rotates off the committee, their replacements will be selected for the regular two-year term.

If you are interested in serving on the inaugural Advocacy Committee, please fill out the self-nomination form found here. Self-nomination forms must be submitted by 1 May 2022.

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