MAA News – Annual Meeting Paper Prizes

The 2024 Inclusivity & Diversity Travel Grant has been awarded to Alexandra Montero Peters (Texas State University), “Imagining India, Imagining Race: Arabic Geographies and Castilian Histories as Sources for Medieval Muslim-Christian Intellectual Exchange.” This paper will be presented in Session 26 on Friday, 15 March, at 2:30 PM.

Student Awards:
Best Student Paper: Anna Gili (University of Padova), “The Material Transmission of the Kitāb al-Malakī and its Two Latin Translations: A Comparative Study.” This paper will be presented in Session 46 on Saturday, 16 March, at 8:30 AM.

Emilie Lucia Bowerman (Dartmouth College), “The Cult of the Cross in the Hispanic Rite, 4th to 8th Centuries”; Claire Dillon (Columbia University), “A Global Mediterranean? Tracing the Fragmented Histories of Silk in Medieval Sicily”; Joshua P. Lee (University of California, Berkeley), “Frá mǫnnum undarligum ok buningi þeira:; Exploring Medieval Icelandic Conceptions of Cardinal Directionality, Alterity, and ‘Mythical Space’ in Four Old Norse Texts”; Meghan C. Lescault (University of Toronto), “Subject to Interpretation: The Ambiguous Position of the Chapter of Nivelles in Canon Law”; Jane Maschue (Catholic University of America), “The Mysterious Epitaph of a Spurious Wife: The Addition of Elpis to the Story of Boethius”

We hope you will make an effort to attend the Annual Meeting sessions where these emerging scholars will present their award-winning work. Please join us as well at the Opening Plenary on Thursday, 14 March, at 1:30 PM as we honor them publicly for this achievement.

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