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The latest issue of Speculum is now available on the University of Chicago Press Journals website.

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Speculum, Volume 94, Issue 2 (April 2019)
“Scholastic Debates on Beatific Union with God: Henry of Ghent (c. 1217-93) and His Interlocutors”
Richard Cross”A Lesson in Patronage: King Henry III, the Knights Templar, and a Royal Mausoleum at the Temple Church in London”
Zachary Stewart

Mynne tzeichen und ir don: The Text and Music of Meister Alexander’s Minneleich in the Jena Songbook”
Racha Kirakosian and David William Hughes

“In the Name of Charlemagne, Roland, and Turpin: Reading the Oxford Roland as a Trinitarian Text”
Adrian McClure

“Strange Fruits: Grafting, Foreigners, and the Garden Imaginary in Northern France and Germany, 1250-1350”
Liz Herbert McAvoy, Patricia Skinner, and Theresa Tyers

Book Reviews
This issue of Speculum features more than 70 book reviews, including:

Luca Cadioli, ed., Lancellotto. Versione italiana inedita del “Lancelot en prose” 
Reviewed by Alison Cornish

Christine de Pizan, Othea’s Letter to Hector
Reviewed by Nancy Freeman Regalado

Élisabeth Lusset, Crime, châtiment et grâce dans les monastères au Moyen Âge (XIIe-XVe siècle) 
Reviewed by Katherine Allen Smith

Hollie L. S. Morgan, Beds and Chambers in Late Medieval England: Readings, Representations and Realities 
Reviewed by Sarah Stanbury

Unn Pedersen, Into the Melting Pot: Non-ferrous Metalworkers in Viking-period Kaupang 
Reviewed by Jane Kershaw

Daniela Wagner, Die Fünfzehn Zeichen vor dem Jüngsten Gericht: Spätmittelalterliche Bildkonzepte für das Seelenheil 
Reviewed by Concetta Giliberto

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