MAA News – Call for Fellows Nominations

To all Members of the Medieval Academy of America:

All members of the Medieval Academy of America are hereby invited to submit nominations for the election of Fellows and Corresponding Fellows of the Academy for 2023. You need not be a Fellow to nominate a Fellow or Corresponding Fellow, and all members are warmly encouraged do so, for this is one important way in which the Academy recognizes and honors its most outstanding scholars. Nominations from Corresponding Fellows who reside in countries outside of North America, who need not be members of the Academy, are equally welcome.

Currently, there are 122 Active Fellows and 67 Corresponding Fellows. According to the Strategic Plan recently approved by the Fellows, the number of total Fellows and Corresponding Fellows is to be increased each year as follows:

“The number of voting Fellows [will] be increased from 125 to 150 and the number of Corresponding Fellows [will] be increased from 75 to 100 over a period of 9 years, with 3 additional Fellows and 3 additional Corresponding Fellows to be elected per year over the first 8 years and an additional Fellow and Corresponding Fellow in the ninth year.”

In accordance with this new policy, there will be a maximum of 131 Fellows and 81 Corresponding Fellows in 2023. The number of openings in the current cycle, then, is 9 Fellows and 14 Corresponding Fellows.

New procedures for nomination dossiers have been instituted as a result of the reforms adopted by the Fellows in 2021. The instructions are detailed at

In brief, here are the rules for the dossier:

1) up to three signed letters of nomination, each of which may be up to two pages in length (although a nomination can still go forward without prejudice with a single letter);
2) a curriculum vitae of NO MORE than four pages;
3) a URL directing voters to an expanded online CV, if possible (this URL should be included in the body of the first nominating letter)

These components must be combined into a single PDF and submitted by email to the Executive Director ( Incomplete or improperly constituted dossiers will not be accepted.

All Fellows (except for Corresponding Fellows) must be members of the Medieval Academy who reside in North America at the time of election. They should be medievalists who have contributed to our knowledge of the Middle Ages with a substantial body of scholarship, distinguished in both quality and quantity. In most fields the contribution will entail several well-received books, though in some areas the standard may be important digital work or a sheaf of influential articles. Major prizes, editorships, and professional leadership in societies including (but not limited to) the MAA may also be taken into account. Election to the Fellows recognizes a lifetime of academic achievement. Candidates, therefore, will ordinarily be full professors, though senior curators and distinguished independent and non-tenure-track scholars may also merit election. Nominations of associate professors are normally considered premature.

In nominating candidates, please consider diversity in discipline, ethnicity, gender, regions of the country, and types of institution. Please also bear in mind that Medieval Studies is not limited to Western Europe or to the second half of our period.

In order to present a balanced slate, additional nominations may be made by the Fellows Nominating Committee, the members of which are listed on the Officers page.

To sum up: Please follow instructions for nominations as found on the MAA website; nominations that are incorrectly prepared will not be considered.

Instructions for nominations are available here:

Please refer to the lists of current Fellows before proposing a nomination:

Current Fellows:
Current Corresponding Fellows:

Nominations for the 2023 elections must be received by 1 October 2022. Unsuccessful nominations from previous years may be resubmitted. Please contact the Executive Director for further information about this process.

Finally, please keep nominations confidential. Although nominators are to sign their names to the letters, all involved should try not to let nominees learn about their nomination.

We look forward to a diverse and exciting set of nominations.

– Richard Emmerson, President of the Fellows

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