MAA News – Call for Sessions Proposals 2025 AHA

Call for Session Proposals
Medieval Technologies of Knowledge/Medieval Knowledge through Technology
2025 AHA Annual Meeting, New York City

The Medieval Academy of America (MAA) cordially invites proposals for sessions at the forthcoming annual meeting of the American Historical Association in New York City, January 3-5, 2025.

This year, the Medieval Academy aims to co-sponsor sessions that gravitate around the timely theme of “Medieval Technologies of Knowledge/Medieval Knowledge through Technology.” This theme is envisioned to be broad and inclusive, sparking interest among MAA members and a wider audience. We are particularly interested in panels that explore various facets of this theme, such as:

• Technologies of Knowledge in the Middle Ages: Investigating lesser-known or emerging technological advancements of the medieval period. Understanding the role and conception of technologies in medieval societies. Delving into the methods and tools used for knowledge dissemination and storage in medieval times.

• Understanding the Middle Ages Using AI and Other Technologies: Understanding the Middle Ages using current technological advancements. Exploring innovative ideas and perspectives that challenge traditional understandings of the era. Evaluating how new technologies will impact the future of the field.

We are open to various forms of session programming and encourage members to think beyond traditional paper panels. Proposals for roundtables, lightning talks, workshops, digital labs, working sessions, and other innovative and inclusive formats of knowledge-sharing are highly welcomed.

We particularly encourage session proposals from scholars across diverse identity positions and academic ranks and affiliations, including graduate students and independent scholars. Proposals that focus on sources, geographies, and populations under-represented in traditional medieval studies are also highly encouraged.

The committee is available for feedback on draft session proposals. Please contact us at Additionally, MAA members can receive feedback on proposals during the review process.

How to Submit a Session Proposal

Session proposal submissions for MAA and AHA co-sponsorship involve a two-stage process:

1) Members of the Medieval Academy submit session proposals to the MAA’s AHA Program Committee via the online submission form by 11:59 p.m., February 1, 2024.

2) Upon approval by the MAA’s AHA Committee, session organizers will be notified by February 11 and will then be responsible for submitting the proposal to the AHA before the deadline of 11:59 p.m., February 15, 2024, indicating that the session has the sponsorship of the Medieval Academy of America.

For more details, please refer to FAQ: Organizing MAA/AHA Sessions

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