MAA News – GSC Summer Mentorship Program

Wednesday, August 10th

We are excited to launch the GSC Summer Mentorship Program. This special session of our program is designed as an opportunity for those who wish to participate in the Mentorship Program but who might be too busy with other obligations during medieval conferences or during the academic year.

The GSC Mentorship Program facilitates networking between graduate students or early career scholars and more established scholars by pairing students and scholars according to common interest or academic discipline.

Mentorship exchanges are intended to help students establish professional contacts with scholars who can offer them career advice. The primary objective of this exchange is for the relationship to be active during the the particular mentorship session in question, though mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue communicating at their discretion after the initial mentorship session has ended.

We have recorded an increased interest in the GSC Mentorship Program since it has been held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will do our best to match all those who register as a mentee with mentors; however, if need be, preference will be granted in order of form submission.

To volunteer as a mentor (faculty, librarians, curators, independent scholars) or to sign up as a mentee, please submit the online form, linked here, by Wednesday, August 10th.

On behalf of the committee, thank you and our best,
Mary M. Alcaro & Margaret Heeschen
2022-2023 Mentoring Program Coordinators

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