MAA News – January 2016 Issue of Speculum

SpeculumThe January issue of Speculum is on its way to your mailbox and includes the following articles:

Anthony Bale, “God’s Cell: Christ as Prisoner and Pilgrimage to the Prison of Christ”

Gur Zak, “The Ethics and Poetics of Consolation in Petrarch’s Bucolicum carmen”

William J. Courtenay, “Magisterial Authority, Philosophical Identity, and the Growth of Marian Devotion: The Seals of Parisian Masters, 1190-1308”

David Malkiel, “The Rabbi and the Crocodile: Interrogating Nature in the Late Quattrocento”

Tiffany D. Vann Sprecher, “The Marketplace of the Ministry: The Impact of Sacerdotal Piecework on the Care of Souls in Paris, 1483 -1505”

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