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The latest issue of Speculum is now available on the University of Chicago Press Journals website.

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Speculum, Volume 97, Number 3 (July 2022) | Emerging Issues in Medieval Iberian Studies


Defining “Conversos” in Fifteenth-Century Castile: The Making of a Controversial Category
Yosi Yisraeli and Yanay Israeli

What Did Medieval Slavery Look Like? Color, Race, and Unfreedom in Later Medieval Iberia
Pamela A. Patton

From “Latin” to the Vernacular: Latin-Romance Hybridity, Scribal Competence, and Social Transformation in Medieval Castile
María Jesús Torrens-Álvarez and Donald N. Tuten

Representations of Hegemonic Masculinities in Medieval Leonese-Castilian and Almohad Chronicles
Linda G. Jones

Book Reviews
This issue of Speculum features more than 75 book reviews, including:

Jacopo Bisagni, ed., “Amrae Coluimb Chille”: A Critical Edition
Reviewed by Christina Cleary

Caroline Walker Bynum, Dissimilar Similitudes: Devotional Objects in Late Medieval Europe
Reviewed by Wei-Cheng Lin

Rita Copeland, ed., The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature. Vol. 1, 800–1558
Reviewed by Larry Scanlon

Shirin Fozi and Gerhard Lutz, eds., Christ on the Cross: The Boston Crucifix and the Rise of Monumental Wood Sculpture, 970–1200
Reviewed by Thomas Dale

Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Diagramming Devotion: Berthold of Nuremberg’s Transformation of Hrabanus Maurus’s Poems in Praise of the Cross
Reviewed by Benjamin Anderson

Samantha Kelly, ed., A Companion to Medieval Ethiopia and Eritrea
Reviewed by Habtamu Tegegne

Lars Kjær, The Medieval Gift and the Classical Tradition: Ideals and Performance of Generosity in Medieval England, 1100–1300
Reviewed by Hugh M. Thomas

Angeliki Lymberopoulou, ed., Hell in the Byzantine World: A History of Art and Religion in Venetian Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean
Reviewed by Vasileios Marinis

Outi Merisalo, Miika Kuha, and Susanna Niiranen, eds., Transmission of Knowledge in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Reviewed by Gian Mario Cao

Sara Ritchey, Acts of Care: Recovering Women in Late Medieval Health
Reviewed by Tory V. Pearman

Katherine Allen Smith, The Bible and Crusade Narrative in the Twelfth Century
Reviewed by Beth C. Spacey

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