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Boethius, De Musica, from Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III, MS V. A. 14.

Boethius, De Musica, from Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III, MS V. A. 14.

The MAA is delighted to announce an impressive collection of awards garnered by MAA members during the past fellowship season.

The American Council of Learned Societies announced eleven MAA winners.

Three in the Collaborative Research Fellowship competition:
Heather Blurton (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Hannah Johnson (University of Pittsburgh)
Michael Edward Kulikowski (Pennsylvania State University)

Two in the Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship competition:
Jessica Brantley (Yale University)
Carol Symes (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Three in the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship competition:
Paul A. Broyles (University of Virginia)
Timothy S. Miller (University of Notre Dame)
Benjamin A. Saltzman (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

One in the general Fellowship competition:
Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan)

One in the Digital Innovation Fellowship competition:
William A. Kretzschmar (University of Georgia)

One in the New Faculty Fellows Program competition:
Theresa O’Byrne (Rutgers University)

Karen Sullivan of Bard College was awarded a Fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

The MAA’s own Dissertation Grant and Schallek Award winners were announced in early May.

Schallek – Richard III Society Awards:
Esther Liberman Cuenca (Fordham University)
“The Making of Borough Customary Law in Medieval Britain”

Karrie Fuller (University of Notre Dame)
“Reading Beyond the Borders: Visions of Christendom and the Shared Reception of Piers Plowman and The Book of Sir John Mandeville”

Cynthia Anne Rogers (Indiana University)
“‘Make thereof a game’: The Lyrics of the Findern Manuscript and their Late Medieval Textual Community”

Kristin Uscinski (Fordham University)
“Recipes for Women’s Healthcare in Medieval England”

Hannah Zdansky (University of Notre Dame)
“Romance Reconsidered: The Religious Significance of a Secular Genre in Late Medieval Britain”

MAA Dissertation Grants:
Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant
Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis (University of Notre Dame)
“Ministers of Christ: Women Religious in Early and Central Medieval England”

John Boswell Dissertation Grant
Alexander Harper (University of Toronto)
“Patronage in the re-Christianized Landscape of Angevin Apulia: The Rebuilding of Luceria Sarracenorum into Civitas Sanctae Mariae'”

Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant
Lisandra Costiner (Oxford University)
“Vernacular Narratives of the Life of Christ and the Characteristics of Popular Devotion in Late-Medieval Venice'”

Grace Frank Dissertation Grant
A. Sheree Brown (University of Michigan)
“‘That peace shall always dwell among them and true love be upheld’: Charity, Neighborliness, and Lay Fellowship in Late Medieval and Early Reformation England”

Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant
David Morris (University of Notre Dame)
“Apocalypse Now or Later: The Super Prophetas of Pseudo-Joachim of Fiore”

Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant
Talia Zajac (University of Toronto)
“Women between West and East: the Orthodox-Catholic Marriages of the Kyivan Rus Dynasty, ca. 1000-1250”

E.K. Rand Dissertation Grant
Rebecca Scharbach Wollenberg (University of Chicago Divinity School)
“‘And They Became the People of the Book’: Tracing the Turn to Text in Medieval Jewish Genres”

Charles T. Wood Dissertation Grant
Jennifer Lyons (Emory University)
“The Theophilus Legend and the Virgin Mary: Image, Miracle, and Cult in Medieval France”

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