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Bünting clover-leaf map. A woodcut made in 1581 in Magdeburg.

Bünting clover-leaf map. A woodcut made in 1581 in Magdeburg.

In May 2013, as always, the Medieval Academy had a strong presence at the Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo. Several hundred people attended the Friday morning MAA plenary lecture by Peregrine Horden (Royal Holloway College and the University of Oxford) titled “Poseidon’s Oar: Horizons of the Medieval Mediterranean.” The related Academy-sponsored sessions later in the day, continuing the Mediterranean theme, were packed. These sessions were organized by the MAA’s Kalamazoo Program Committee, comprised of Diane Reilly (Indiana University, Chair), Samantha Kelly (Rutgers Univ.), Sharon Kinoshita (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz), and Stephen Lahey (Univ. of Nebraska).

The Medieval Academy’s Committee on Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) sponsored a successful roundtable on “Programming, Pedagogy, and Outreach” and a poster session on “The Multi-lingual Classroom, Text Editing, and New Media,” both organized by Thomas A. Goodmann (University of Miami).

The Medieval Academy’s Graduate Student Committee (GSC) sponsored a roundtable discussion titled “What Now? What Next? A Roundtable Discussion on Graduate Studies and Employment” with Jerome E. Singerman (U. Penn Press), Steven F. Kruger (Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY), Dot Porter (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and Joshua Boggs. Ethan Zadoff (Graduate Center, CUNY) organized and presided at the roundtable, which, like the GSC reception that followed, was very well attended.

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