MAA News – MAA Digital Humanities Update

1) Digital Latin Library Open-Access Editions: Three new editions of medieval Latin Texts have been recently published in the open-access “Library of Digital Latin Texts” repository, in collaboration with the Medieval Academy of America. Click here for more information about these publications and to learn how your edition can be part of this ongoing project.

2) Database of Medieval Digital Resources (MDR): We continue to update the MDR database with newly-vetted open-access resources for teaching and research. Click here to access the 266 resources in the database and check back regularly for updates.

3) Medieval Academy Books: Thirty-eight of the 118 volumes in the Medieval Academy Books series can be accessed as PDFs or .html files here. There are copies for sale at this link as well; sign into your MAA account for the members’ discount.

4) MAA Webinars: All Medieval Academy webinars are recorded and freely-accessible here.

5) Multicultural Middle Ages Podcast: The Multicultural Middle Ages is produced by the MAA’s Graduate Student Committee and is available wherever you get your podcasts. The programming includes quarterly podcasts devoted to the current issue of Speculum.

6) Speculum Online: Don’t forget that as a perquisite of membership you have complimentary access to the entire 99-year run of Speculum. Click here for more information.

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