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Golden Haggadah, Spain. c. 1320, British Library, Add. MS 27210, f. 15r, detail.

Golden Haggadah, Spain. c. 1320, British Library, Add. MS 27210, f. 15r, detail.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2015 Dissertation Grants and the 2015 Schallek Awards.

Dissertation Grants:

The nine endowed and named Medieval Academy Dissertation Grants support advanced graduate students in medieval studies.

Hannah Elmer (Columbia University), “Sites of Life: Resuscitating and Baptizing Dead Infants in Central Europe, 1400-1600” (John Boswell Dissertation Grant)

Elizabeth Fischer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “The Representation of Space in Early Carolingian Gospel Books” (Grace Frank Dissertation Grant)

Bibiana Gattozzi (Princeton University), “The Hymns of Medieval Southern Italy: Music, Politics, and the Transformation of Local Liturgical Song” (E. K. Rand Dissertation Grant)

Justin Hastings (Loyola University Chicago), “‘Englishing’ Horace: the Influence of the Horatian Tradition on Old and Middle English Poetry” (Robert and Janet Lumiansky Dissertation Grant)

Alexandra M. Locking (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “From Humble Handmaiden to Ruling Lady: Aristocratic Women in Ecclesiastical Reform and the Evolution of Female Lordship, 1049-1122 CE” (Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant)

Phillip Mazero (St. Louis University), “Frontier Politics: Veneto-Byzantine Relations, Civic Identity, and Imperial Hegemony, 697-1126” (Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant)

Christopher Mielke (Central European University), “Every Hyacinth the Garden Wears: The Archaeology of Medieval Queenship in Hungary (1000-1395)” (Charles T. Wood Dissertation Grant)

Sharon Rhodes (University of Rochester), “Turning the Tide: Fathoming the Flood in Old English Literature” (Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant)

Michelle Urberg (University of Chicago), “The New Vineyard: Origins, Development, and Flourishing of Birgittine Musico-Devotional Practices (c. 1350-1545)” (Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant)

Schallek Awards:

The five Schallek Awards, given in collaboration with the Richard III Society – American Branch, support graduate students conducting doctoral research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain (ca. 1350-1500).

Taylor Joseph Aucoin (University of Bristol), “Shrovetide: Festival in Medieval and Early Modern Britain”

Gavin Fort (Northwestern University), “The Vicarious Middle Ages: Proxy Pilgrimage in Late-Medieval England, 1250-1550”

Jon-Mark Grussenmeyer (University of Kent), “Cardinal Kemp: The Last Lancastrian Statesman”

Lori Jones (University of Ottawa), “Changing Perceptions of the Origin (Geographical and Historical) of the Plague”

Sarah Elizabeth Wilson (Northwestern University), “Regenerative Mourning: Sorrow’s Social Uses in Late Medieval England”

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