MAA News – MAA/GSC New Horizons Grants Awarded

We are very pleased to announce the awardees of the MAA/GSC New Horizons Grants, supporting graduate student research projects that uniquely engage with the current research environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Carly B. Boxer (University of Chicago) will use the North Eastern Penitentiary (now USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania) as a case study to analyze how modern cultural ideas of the Middle Ages influenced physical and systemic changes in the federal prison system in the 1930s.

Emmalee Dove (University of Virginia), working with UVA undergraduate Lauren Kim, will create and analyze a dataset of more than 500 Books of Hours from four US institutions, analyzing the data with the goal of producing a flexible definition of the manuscript Book of Hours as well as an online tool that will allow scholars to compare this data easily across manuscripts.

Ryan Low (Harvard University) will create a database of the more than 15,000 records of notarial registers recorded by Robert-Henri Bautier and Janine Sornay in their 1968 publication, Les Sources de l’histoire économique et sociale du moyen âge, improving access to and study of these important resources.

Jenna Marie McKellips (University of Toronto) will explore medieval drama in digital spaces through a performance of the Digby Mary Magdalene for modern audiences over Zoom.

We look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition and are very pleased to have been able to support them. The New Horizons Grant program was made possible by the generosity of the Medieval Academy of America’s Graduate Student Committee, which elected to redirect budgeted resources to increase support of MAA student members.

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