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The latest issue of Speculum is now available on the University of Chicago Press Journals website.

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Speculum, Volume 95, Number 4 (October 2020)

The Regulation of “Sodomy” in the Latin East and West
Ruth Mazo Karras

Chosen Peoples and New Israels in the Early Medieval West
Conor O’Brien

Made for a Templar, Fit for an Abbess: The Psalter, Cambridge, St. John’s College, MS C.18 (68)
Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis

Origen’s Story: Heresy, Book Production, and Monastic Reform at Saint-Laurent de Liège
Jay Diehl

Nivelon de Quierzy, the Cathedral of Soissons, and the Relics of 1205: Liturgy and Devotion in the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin

Book Reviews
This issue of Speculum features more than 70 book reviews, including:

Kathleen Bickford Berzock, ed., Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa
Reviewed by Shirin Fozi

Philip Butterworth and Katie Normington, eds., Medieval Theatre Performance: Actors, Dancers, Automata and Their Audiences
Reviewed by Seeta Chaganti

Gaël Chenard, L’Administration d’Alphonse de Poitiers (1241-1271)
Reviewed by William Chester Jordan

Deborah Deliyannis, Hendrik Dey, and Paolo Squatriti, Fifty Early Medieval Things: Materials of Culture in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Reviewed by Beatrice Kitzinger

Sean L. Field, Courting Sanctity: Holy Women and the Capetians
Reviewed by Barbara Newman

Christopher M. Gerrard and Alejandra Gutiérrez, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Later Medieval Archaeology in Britain
Reviewed by Roberta Gilchrist

Bryan C. Keene, ed., Toward a Global Middle Ages: Encountering the World through Illuminated Manuscripts
Reviewed by Sarah M. Guérin

Ronald G. Musto, Writing Southern Italy Before the Renaissance: Trecento Historians of the Mezzogiorno
Reviewed by Frances Andrews

Karen A. Winstead, The Oxford History of Life-Writing, vol. 1, The Middle Ages
Reviewed by John V. Fleming

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