MAA News – Speculum in Print

inprintNow that the digital version of Speculum, including the entire archive dating back to 1926, is available free to all members of the Medieval Academy, several members have already requested that we discontinue sending them print Speculum. This saves paper, printing, postage and shelf space.  Would you too like to opt out of the print?

This is not an automatic change. Members will continue to receive the print edition unless they positively opt out. We will be happy to accommodate any requests in writing, via email, specifying that a member no longer wants to receive print copies. Once this request is initiated, quarterly print copies of Speculum will no longer be mailed to that member. If a member decides to opt back in to the print version, the MAA also has to be notified in writing. We will, however, not be able to provide print copies retrospectively for those issues mailed during a member’s opt-out period.

To opt-out please email:

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