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"Monk at Computer" from the Centre for the History of the Book, University of Edinburgh.

Membership coordinator, Chris Cole, has been migrating the current MAA website onto the more robust and dynamic platform of an association management system, as previously recommended by the Digital Initiatives Advisory Board. This work began in early January using the platform, and the new site is scheduled to be fully operational in mid-2012. It will provide the MAA and its members with new capabilities, tools and opportunities. It will allow members to enter and manage payments for their own memberships, to post information, communicate directly with others and form working groups. As important, it will allow the MAA to create a subscription “firewall” for providing members with access to MAA publications and other resources online.

A beta version of the site is up and is now being tested and fine-tuned. Data is already migrated into the underlying database, and the results should be apparent to all by the late Spring.

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