Medieval Academy of America Statement on Israel and Hamas

Terrible events take place all too often, and the Medieval Academy of America, for the most part, does not comment. We speak out only when something that has happened affects our field, our fellow medievalists, and medieval objects or medieval sites, or when scholarship in our field is being misused.

In the wake of recent and horrific attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas, and the massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we express our deep sympathy and concern for our members in harm’s way, and for their families and loved ones. Israeli and Palestinian scholars, histories, and sites we care about are at risk and suffering. Violence, oppression, fear, killing, and abduction of civilians are antithetical to the values of the Medieval Academy, and to ethical human interaction, as is the collective punishment of civilians.

As scholars of the past we bring a deep respect for  the complexity of the situation and the underlying politics. But we also bring an utter compassion for the suffering of all victims, with which we try to infuse our scholarly work.

– The Officers of the Medieval Academy of America and the MAA Advocacy Committee

Robin Fleming (President)
Sara Lipton (1st Vice-President)
Peggy McCracken (2nd Vice-President)

The Advocacy Committee:

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