Message to Members

To All Members of the Medieval Academy:

We are pleased to announce that, with the advice and approval of Council, we have found a short-term administrative solution so that the work of the Medieval Academy can continue smoothly. As of May 1, Lisa Fagin Davis has returned to the office where she has previously worked to take on the role of Acting Executive Director. Jacqueline Brown, well-known to members for her many years of service and devotion, has kindly agreed to come on board and edit Speculum, as well as take on responsibility for all other Academy publications. Her title is Acting Editor of Speculum and Director of Medieval Academy Publications. Please contact Jackie Brown [] for all matters to do with publications and Lisa Fagin Davis [] on all other issues that may arise.

Since the Academy’s lease expires on May 31, the former Executive Director had already planned a move to new, more economical office space, which we anticipate will be close to the present office. Please be patient for the next two months as the shift to our new home is completed. Lisa Fagin Davis will be in touch over the next two weeks with details of the new site.

The division between the roles of Acting Executive Director and Acting Editor of Speculum is in place only for the short run, as their contracts expire on 15 September.  This leaves the Council a limited, clearly defined period of time to decide what kind of permanent structure it wants for the administration of the Academy and to find personnel to carry out that administration.  In case those decisions should require more time, both Davis and Brown have indicated a willingness to stay on until the end of the calendar year.  But we have no commitment to the acting staff beyond the terms of their contracts. The temporary arrangements involve an increase in expenditure on an annualized basis of 1.4% of the total budgeted Academy disbursements for 2013. This small increase is well within the financial resources of the Academy.

As the Council deliberates over the next months on the best arrangements for the future, its members welcome suggestions, ideas, and comments. In the meantime, we would like to thank those who have assisted us with the short-term arrangements: members of Council, treasurer Gene Lyman, past president Maryanne Kowaleski, and our previous Executive Director, Rick Emmerson. We are grateful to Lisa Fagin Davis and Jacqueline Brown for their willingness to come forward on short notice and assure that the Academy will continue to fulfill its functions efficiently and effectively.

Richard Unger
William Jordan
Barbara Newman

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