Middle Ages: digital and virtual—objects, practices, reflections

Middle Ages: digital and virtual—objects, practices, reflections
An expert meeting on 24 October 2023 (hybrid)

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, SFB 1567 Virtuelle Lebenswelten, sub project B02 Virtuelles Mittelalter

With digital media at our fingertips (quite literally), the European Middle Ages are only one click away. Today’s digital spaces allow us to approach, experience, and sometimes even immerse ourselves into reconstructions of the medieval past—whether scientifically or in popular culture. These digital landscapes reshape our perception of history, prompting a revaluation of historiographical and pedagogical approaches to the Middle Ages. And where the digital finds its physical limits, the virtual Middle Ages continue, transcending technology and creating a realm in imagination as much as in reality. Critically, we must navigate the digital’s impact on our understanding of the Middle Ages. How do the Middle Ages extend into our virtual worlds, and how does this affect how the past is created?

In this workshop medievalists, digitisation experts, museum professionals, didactic specialists, and librarians convene to explore digital and virtual developments in discourse about the Middle Ages. The experts provide video presentations beforehand. During the day of the workshop, they discuss both the practical implementation and theoretical discourse, aiming to redefine digital medievalism and reconsider how knowledge about the Middle Ages is created, formed, and communicated.

View the online video presentations from 10 October onwards.

Sign up with this link to view the videos and/or as audience for the expert meeting.: https://terminplaner6.dfn.de/b/09782316ddadbc106440aff563cb7efb-363679

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