Palaeography Lecture & Anglo-Saxon Studies Symposium: University of London

John Coffin Memorial Annual Palaeography Lecture: 15 March 2012: 6.00pm: The Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House, University of London

Dr Jennifer O’Reilly, FSA (University College Cork): ‘Inscribed images and inspired scribes’.  The lecture considers aspects of the relationship between text, script and visual images in early medieval manuscripts of biblical and monastic texts. Viewed in the light of contemporary traditions of interpreting Scripture, examples from Insular, Anglo-Saxon and other manuscripts suggest in particular the often rich expository role of scribal portraits and of inscriptions which accompany visual images or form an integral part of their design.   Free and open to the public, and followed by a wine reception. If you would like to attend please contact

The London Anglo-Saxon Symposium (LASS): 21 March 2011
Origins of the Anglo-Saxons (Stephen Baxter, KCL & Andrew Reynolds, UCL); Old English language & script  (Sara Ponz-Sanz, Westminster & Peter Stokes, KCL); Early Anglo-Saxon economy and its literary representations  (Gareth Williams, British Museum & Jennifer Neville, Royal Holloway): Old & Modern English poetics (Richard North, UCL & Fiona Sampson, Kingston).    LASS aims to provide a forum for the multidisciplinary discussion of Anglo-Saxon topics in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.  LASS will bring together internationally renowned experts and interested members of the public, an interaction that promises to be highly informative and enjoyable for everyone involved.  This year the focus will be on the origins of the Anglo-Saxons and the beginnings of their culture. The symposium will include four following sessions, which will consist of short papers and plenty time for questions and discussion.  For details and registration see:

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