Paul Szarmach

Paul Szarmach died a few days ago. A fellow of the Medieval Academy since 2006, he had long been a major scholar and scholarly editor and a central figure in the administration of medieval studies in both the U.S. and abroad (at SUNY Binghamton, Western Michigan University, in what was then known as the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, and the Medieval Academy). Paul and I have been co-editing Studies in Medieval & Renaissance History for several years and now, sadly, I will turn Vol. 17 of the series, now in the early planning stages, into a memorial volume. So if you wish to be included in this tribute to a colleague, a friend, and a scholar who worked to encourage the careers of so many of us in a great variety of enterprises, please contact me. Though Paul’s major field of endeavor was Old English, SMRH welcomes submissions in all aspects of medieval studies – a policy that Paul actively encouraged.

Joel Rosenthal

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