Resounding Images Conference Program

Resounding Images: Medieval Intersections of Art, Music, and Sound
A Conference of the University Seminar on Medieval Studies
Faculty House, Columbia University, May 3, 2013
Program (Click here for link to the program)

9AM Welcome (Susan Boynton, Columbia University/Diane Reilly, Indiana University)

9:15-11 AM (Chair: Holger Klein, Columbia University)

Roland Betancourt, Yale University
Fulfillment and the Medium: The Image-Text in Byzantine Gospel Lectionaries of the Late Eleventh Century

Henry Schilb, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University
Singing, Shouting, Crying, and Saying: Embroidered Veils and the Sounds of the Byzantine Rite

Nancy P. Ševčenko, Independent Scholar
Written Voices. The Spoken Word in Byzantine Monumental Painting

11-11:15  break

11:15-12:45pm (Chair: Vivian Mann, Jewish Theological Seminary)

Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo, Montclair State University
Hearing the Image at Santo Domingo de Silos

Tom Nickson, Courtauld Institute of Art
Vox Domini Sonat: Conquest, Change and Continuity in Medieval Iberia

Matthew G. Shoaf, Ursinus College
The Voice in Relief: Sculpture and Vocal Surplus at the Rise of Naturalism

12:45-2:00 pm Lunch, Faculty House

2:00-3:30pm (Chair: Kathryn Smith, New York University)

Margot Fassler, University of Notre Dame, and Jeffrey Hamburger, Harvard University
John the Baptist at Paradies bei Soest: A Newly-Discovered Office and Its Visual Program

Isabelle Marchesin, Université de Poitiers
The musica of the Jongleur in the Rhetorical Strategies of Medieval Texts and Images

Sébastien Biay, Université de Poitiers
Building a Church with Music: The Plainchant Capitals at Cluny, c. 1100

3:00-3:30 break

3:30-4:45pm  (Chair: Nancy Wu, The Cloisters at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sheila Bonde, Brown University, and Clark Maines, Wesleyan University
Sounds and Silences in the Medieval and Early Modern Cloister: the Example of Augustinian Saint-Jean-des-Vignes

Stephen Murray, Columbia University
The Voice of the Interlocutor in the Cathedral

5:00 pm: Discussion of all the papers

6 pm Dinner, Faculty House

This conference is sponsored by the University Seminar on Medieval Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Department of Art History and Archeology, the Department of Music, and the Axion Estin Foundation.

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