Scholarly Book Exchange

A new Facebook group has been established called “Medievalist Book Exchange.” It was created to facilitate matches between scholars and institutions who welcome donations of scholarly books in Medieval Studies (and related disciplines) and those who would like to make such donations. The need for such a site has become clear now that so many university libraries are no longer accepting donations from their own retiring faculty members, and so books that could live a useful life elsewhere are being relegated to the dumpster instead. The group is intended to have a global reach.

If you are interested in these book exchanges, or think you might be in the future, search for “Medievalist Book Exchange” on Facebook and ask to join the (closed) group. If you are not on Facebook but are actively seeking to donate books or solicit book donations, you can send an email to Felice Lifshitz ( and she will post your message to the list for you.

Members should post to the full list either what they are looking for or what they can offer. Initial descriptions can be fairly general to minimize effort. Details of the transaction (specific titles, addresses and postage costs) should ideally be discussed by private messenger or over email after the initial contact is successfully made.

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