Call for Applications – Inter-University Doctoral Programme in History – PIUDHist (Portugal)

The Inter-University Doctoral Programme in History: Change and Continuity in a Global World(PIUDHist) is happy to announce that the first stage of the applications for 2019/2020 academic year is opened. The deadline for applications ends on June 14th 2019.

There will be a second stage for applications from July 15th 2019 to August 16th 2019.

PIUDHist is a doctoral programme developed in formal cooperation between five Portuguese university institutions: Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Universidade de Évora, in which History is seen from an inter-disciplinary point of view and is regarded as a field of knowledge which cannot do without permanent cross fertilization with other areas in the Humanities and in the Social Sciences. One of the strong points of PIUDHist is its goal of creating an active community of students, teachers and researchers, who will thus come benefit from the reciprocal impact on each of their respective research undertakings.

The length of this doctoral programme is four years, integrating a taught component in the first two semesters of the course. The taught component is focused on four main thematic axes: Social Dynamics and Political Structures; Institutions and Economic Development; Empires, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism; Intellectual and Socio-Cultural Movements. In the first two semesters, it will also be provided three seminars focused on methodological and historiographical topics. This doctoral programme also plans to seek the collaboration of foreign colleagues, to give courses and to participate in the co-supervision of theses, promoting an education for its students in an international context.

For further information about PIUDHist, visit:

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