Seats Still Available for Rare Book School Courses

The following classes are still accepting applications on a rolling basis:

–C-75c: Introduction to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, taught by Cheryl Beredo, Joy Bivins, Michelle Commander, Tammi Lawson, Shola Lynch, and Michael Mery (6 hours)
–C-85a: Law Books: History and Connoisseurship, taught by Mike Widener, with Ryan Greenwood (22 hours) ALMOST FULL
–G-10b: Descriptive Bibliography: The Fundamentals, taught by David Whitesell (10 hours) ALMOST FULL
–G-65a: Forgeries, Facsimiles & Sophisticated Copies, taught by Nick Wilding (22 hours)
–G-85c: Why Black Bibliography Matters, taught by Kinohi Nishikawa (6 hours)
–H-90a: Teaching the History of the Book, taught by Michael F. Suarez, S.J. (22 hours)
–H-105a: The Bible and Histories of Reading, taught by Peter Stallybrass, with Lynne Farrington (22 hours)
–H-120b: Textual Connected Histories: Books and Reading in the Early Modern European World, taught by Roger Chartier and John H. Pollack (10 hours) ALMOST FULL
–H-170b: Spanish American Textual Technologies to 1700, taught by Hortensia Calvo, Christine Hernandez, and Rachel Stein (10 hours)
–H-180c: Six Degrees of Phillis Wheatley, taught by Tara Bynum (6 hours)
–H-185c: African American Print Cultures in the Nineteenth-Century United States, taught by Derrick R. Spires (6 hours)
–I-45b: The Photographic Book since 1843, taught by Richard Ovenden (10 hours)
–L-25a: Reference Sources for Researching Rare Books, taught by Joel Silver (22 hours) ALMOST FULL
–L-120a: Introduction to Audiovisual Archives Management, taught by Erica Titkemeyer and Steve Weiss (22 hours) ALMOST FULL
–L-125a: Scientific Analysis of the Book, taught by Raymond Clemens and Richard Hark (22 hours)
–M-100a: Fragmentology, taught by Lisa Fagin Davis (22 hours)

Apply soon, before classes are filled! If you have questions about the courses, please contact
With best regards,
The RBS Programs Team

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