Text Manuscripts at Les Enluminures: New Update

Les Enluminures is happy to announce that we just added new manuscripts to our text manuscripts site (https://www.textmanuscripts.com/medieval?inventorySearch=1).

Some highlights: a French translation of the Decretals of Gregory IX (TM 1097); a reportatio of the sermons of St. Bernardino of Siena (TM 999); Donato Accaiuoli, Life of Charlemagne (TM 1063) ; Ludovico de Guastis, Epitome of Pliny’s Natural History (TM 1098); Epistole Phalaridis (TM 1081); and a membrane from an illuminated Universal Chronicle roll (TM 1139).

There are currently 1021 manuscripts accessible on the site, including current and sold inventory, all with complete descriptions and images. The default on the site is to display current inventory (111 manuscripts, https://www.textmanuscripts.com/medieval).  To access the archives when searching, specify “archives” or “all items” under the drop-down menu, “more options/ inventory” at the top of the page.  From the Advanced Search page, you will find “inventory” as the last option on the page.

Laura Light
Director and Senior Specialist, Text Manuscripts, Les Enluminures

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