Twitter Discussion – Teaching Medieval History (it’s more than Europe)

Members of the MAA, please join us with the #sschat on Twitter on Monday, 8/15, at 7pm ET. Co-chair of our MAA K-12 Committee, Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, will be hosting the chat and you are more than welcome to join in and learn more about K-12 teaching of the global Middle Ages and also offer your own thoughts and insights.Over the hour, Dr. Keohane-Burbridge will ask six open-ended questions that we hope will better help the teaching and learning of the global Middle Ages. To participate, simply search for the hashtag #sschat on Twitter and make sure that your answers and comments include #sschat as well as the question number that you are answering. In preparation, you can review previous #sschat conversations on Twitter to become comfortable with the format.

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