Call for Submissions – Digital Humanities Showcase

Medieval Academy of America Graduate Student Committee 
Digital Humanities Showcase
Call for Submissions
Due Monday, October 3, 2022

Come celebrate with us! The GSC is seeking presenters for its first-ever Digital Humanities Showcase, scheduled to take place over Zoom on December 1, 2022. We invite scholars in any field or discipline of global medieval studies who use innovative technologies in their study or teaching of the Middle Ages to share their work with a broad audience of medievalists. This virtual gathering will serve as a forum for scholars, both emerging and established, to gather and learn about, as well as celebrate, their achievements and work in the digital humanities, broadly conceived. Above all, the GSC’s Digital Humanities Showcase is meant to be fun and exciting, giving participants and presenters alike the chance to share ideas and connect. Presentations should be no more than ten minutes in length and explain the impact of the applied technologies on medieval studies. The content of the presentations should be accessible to scholars from all disciplines while also maintaining a high quality of research. If possible, we encourage presenters to include a demonstration of their technology, methodology, or approach.

Applications should include a 2-page CV as well as a brief abstract of no more than 200 words. Submissions should be sent to Reed O’Mara at and by October 3, 2022. Selected speakers will be notified by mid-October.

Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital modeling of religious and secular spaces
  • Virtual reconstructions of manuscripts
  • New innovations in mapping
  • Immersive technologies such as mixed- or virtual-reality headsets
  • Sensory recreations—spaces, sounds, textures, tastes, etc.
  • Classroom or research applications for technology
  • X-ray, imaging, and other scientific analyses to research palimpsests, artworks, and manuscripts
  • Examinations of medieval technologies through modern reconstructions and analyses
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