Virginia Brown Endowed Chair in Latin Palaeography

Through the generosity of James Hankins, Professor of History at Harvard University, the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies at The Ohio State University has established a fund to support the Virginia Brown Endowed Chair in Latin Palaeography. The Chair honors the memory of Virginia Brown, who was a senior fellow at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto from 1970 to her untimely death from pancreatic cancer in 2009. Professor Brown was one of the foremost scholars in the field of manuscript studies in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, specializing in Beneventan minuscule, the script written in southern Italy during the Middle Ages. She is remembered by her many former students and colleagues as a generous and devoted friend and mentor. Professor Brown was a longtime supporter of manuscript studies at The Ohio State University, and we are naturally delighted that the Center will house the newly created Chair.

Donations in any amount are warmly welcomed, either by check payable to The Ohio State University Foundation, 1480 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221 (please include fund number 482153) or online at

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