Call for Papers – Conflict and Polemic on the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean World

Sessions at the International Medieval Congress,
Leeds, 01-04 July 2024
Conflict and Polemic on the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean World

Alexander Marx, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Laurin Herberich, University of Heidelberg

Sponsor: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ibero-Mediaevistik

This call for papers invites contributions concerned with the Iberian Peninsula and neighboring regions in the Mediterranean World. Papers can focus on any period throughout the Middle Ages. The thematic focus is concerned with the subjects of conflict and polemic, including inter-religious interaction, political conflicts, crusading, piracy, polemical literature, notions of the other, and preaching efforts – but not limited to these subjects.

Besides this thematic focus, these sessions have the goal to seize the opportunity provided by the IMC to bring together scholars from different scholarly and national communities, since many different groups are working on the Iberian Peninsula, and via these sessions we would hope to encourage stronger interaction between these groups. This includes several nationally determined groups such as the strong German scholarship on Iberia (as united in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ibero-Mediaevistik) as well as several subject-related groups such as crusade scholars devoted to corresponding phenomena on the Peninsula. These sessions have therefore the goal to put different communities into conversation and to generate new synergies between different scholarly traditions.

If you are interested in presenting in these sessions, please send a title and c.250 words abstract (in English) to the two organizers by 15 Sept. 2023.


Deadline for proposals: 15 Sept. 2023

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