Glossed texts of medieval Latin

If you or your students are as weak in medieval Latin as I was in graduate school, you might want some help. I’m looking for collaborators to prepare texts with abundant glossing of the Latin, with the aim of rapidly and relatively painlessly increasing fluency. The focus will be on texts of special interest to students of literature rather than history (unlike Beeson, etc.). About a year of high school Latin would be a prerequisite.

Texts provided will be fairly extensive—perhaps some ten to fifty pages—and of course on line and at no cost. Previously translated texts, and especially hitherto untranslated texts, prose or verse, are welcome. Texts need not be pristinely edited—even the Pat Lat would be okay—and should be out of copyright. A good source, for example, is So far I have prepared selections from Bede, Isidore, Andreas Capellanus, and (complete) Dante’s letter to Can Grande.

If you are interested in collaborating please email me at, and I will send you a sample. I welcome any format and level of glossing that you prefer—no style sheet. I could also use help in the technical business of putting the texts on line.

With thanks, Stephen A. Barney

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