Call for Papers – Insularity and Regionality in the Global Middle Ages

The MAA Committee on Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) invites paper proposals for its 2022 ICMS/Kalamazoo panels on the theme “Insularity and Regionality in the Global Middle Ages.” Insularity and regionality both draw attention to cultural difference or utopian possibilities, as well as facilitate the nostalgic affect that transforms a kingdom like England into a “sceptered isle,” fantasies that can be used to exclude other communities or reinforce endogenous practices. At the heart of the idea of these terms is an exploration of the nature and extent of our relationship as individuals to society at large, and of cultures to one another. By focusing on the ways that terms such as insularity and regionality function, CARA hopes to celebrate its mission to bring together regional centers and associations to fulfill our common goal of carrying the study of the Middle Ages into the future. Please submit proposals (paper title and 300-word abstract) by 15 September 2021 through the ICMS submission portal at you have any questions, please contact session organizers Nahir I. Otaño Gracia ( nahir[at] or Sara Torres (sara.torres[at]

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