Call For Papers – N-Town’s Diversity: its History and its Plays

Leeds International Medieval Congress, 7-10 July 2014

This session will reassess our knowledge of the N-Town Manuscript, British Library MS Cotton Vespasian D.8, in its literary, historical, and political contexts.  The manuscript and its plays have experienced a resurgence of scholarly interest in recent years, in the forms of new teaching editions, monographs, and several articles.  All of this scholarship explores the diversity of style, genre, audience, authorship, and religious controversies addressed by plays that are rooted in the context of late-medieval lay piety, and in a manuscript compiled in the Early Modern Period.  The session welcomes proposals from numerous critical perspectives and methodologies, focusing on individual plays, the manuscript, or the cultures of which they were a part.

Please send proposals via attachment to Dr. Frank Napolitano (, Radford University, by 23 September.

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