Call for Papers – The Medieval Out of Time & Place

a joint meeting of The Mid-America Medieval Association & the Medieval Association of the Midwest

The Medieval Out of Time & Place
22-23 September 2023
University of Missouri – Kansas City

Plenary: Dr. Elizabeth K. Hebbard
Peripheral Manuscripts Project
French & Italian, Indiana University – Bloomington

200-word abstracts due 31 May 2023

sample topics The Medieval Out of Time & Place

  • medieval objects in new locales or contexts
  • the reuse or recycling of the medieval in the modern age
  • medieval saints celebrated in alternate geographies and temporalities
  • medievalism as a framework for imagining the past
  • the European past in the American/Midwestern present
  • the Midwestern medieval, neo-gothic space and architecture
  • monasticism in the Midwest
  • medieval archives in the Midwest
  • medieval objects in a digital world
  • the digital medieval in the Midwest
  • teaching the future, using the past
  • the future for Medieval Studies in the Midwest

A limited number of bursaries are available for graduate student travel, thanks to a grant by the Committee on Centers and Regional Associations & The Medieval Academy of America.

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