Current and Forthcoming Articles in Speculum

JANUARY 2010 (vol. 85, no. 1)

  • Jonathan P. Conant, “Europe and the African Cult of Saints, circa 350–900: An Essay in Mediterranean Communications”
  • G. Geltner, “Brethren Behaving Badly: A Deviant Approach to Medieval Antifraternalism”
  • Lee Manion, “The Loss of the Holy Land and Sir Isumbras: Literary Contributions to Fourteenth-Century Crusade Discourse”
  • Robert E. Lerner, “New Light on The Mirror of Simple Souls

APRIL 2010 (vol. 85, no. 2)

  • Samantha Kahn Herrick, “Studying Apostolic Hagiography: The Case of Fronto of Périgueux, Disciple of Christ”
  • Sandy Evans, “‘To Stanch Bleeding’: Longinus in Raoul de Cambrai and the Rebel Geste
  • Mary M. Paddock, “Rhetorical Species: A Case Study of Poetic Manifestations of Medieval Visual Culture”
  • Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, “The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims (c. 1347–1396): A Medieval Woman between Demons and Saints”

JULY 2010 (vol. 85, no. 3)

  • Robert K. Upchurch, “A Big Dog Barks: Ælfric of Eynsham’s Indictment of the English Pastorate and Witan
  • Nicholas L. Paul, “A Warlord’s Wisdom: Literacy and Propaganda at the Time of the First Crusade”
  • Elizabeth Eva Leach, “Music and Verbal Meaning: Machaut’s Polytextual Songs”
  • Curtis Gruenler, “How to Read Like a Fool: Riddle Contests and the Banquet of Conscience in Piers Plowman

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