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The latest issue of Speculum is now available on the University of Chicago Press Journals website.

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Speculum, Volume 95, Number 1 (January 2020)

Medieval Studies in Troubled Times: The 1930s
David Wallace

Agronomy and Affect in Duke Humfrey’s On Husbondrie
Lisa H. Cooper

The People of God and the Law: Biblical Models in Carolingian Legislation
Gerda Heydemann

Revelatio on the Origins of Mont Saint-Michel (Fifth-Ninth Centuries)
George N. Gandy

“I Need to Be Individually Loved, Lord, Let Me Recognize Your Gift!”: The Gifts of Love in the Soliloquy of Hugh of Saint-Victor (d. 1141)
Ritva Palmén

Book Reviews
This issue of Speculum features more than 70 book reviews, including:

Marcus Bull, Eyewitness and Crusade Narrative: Perception and Narration in Accounts of the Second, Third, and Fourth Crusades
Reviewed by Andrew Buck

Seeta Chaganti, Strange Footing: Poetic Form and Dance in the Late Middle Ages
Reviewed by John C. Hirsh

Kari Ellen Gade, ed., Poetry from Treatises on Poetics; Margaret Clunies Ross, ed., Poetry in “Fornaldarsögur”
Reviewed by Martin Chase

Elina Gertsman and Barbara H. Rosenwein, The Middle Ages in 50 Objects
Reviewed by Karl Whittington

Michael Lapidge, The Roman Martyrs: Introduction, Translations, and Commentary
Reviewed by Raymond Van Dam

Robert Mills, Derek Jarman’s Medieval Modern
Reviewed by David Clark

Andrew Scheil, Babylon under Western Eyes: A Study of Allusion and Myth
Reviewed by Mary Kate Hurley

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