MAA News – Registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting is Open!

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America will take place at the University of California, Berkeley from 26-28 March 2020. The program, registration, and hotel information are available here. Register by February 21 to take advantage of the early-bird discount, and make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. MAA members: be sure to log into your MAA account before you begin the registration process so that you will receive your member discount.  If you cannot recall your username or password, please email

The online Program has been updated to include the CARA Meeting on Sunday morning 29 March. CARA (the Committee for Centers and Regional Associations) is the Medieval Academy’s forum for those who are concerned with the administration of institutes, graduate centers, undergraduate programs and committees, and research libraries; with the organization of regional and local groups of medievalists; and with teaching. CARA assists institutions and individual medievalists in meeting the challenges that face medieval studies in the classroom, the library, and other institutional settings locally and nationally. It supports those who work to develop special projects and programs of instruction, local and regional networks of medievalists, and centers of research and institutions in medieval studies. It is concerned with pedagogy at all levels. Institutions and individuals who wish to support and enhance medieval studies are invited to join CARA and participate in its meetings and programs.

The 2020 CARA Meeting takes up the charge opened to the MAA during the 2019-2020 year to make room for medievalists of all professional standing. Drawing on CARA’s goal of generating greater connectivity between independent, unaffiliated, and practicing medievalists working off the tenure-track to deepen the networks that facilitate the kinds of questions and pursuits ALL medievalists engage, this year’s meeting will address ways of expanding the MedievALL Conversation. To this end, not only will we hear from several panelists who are medievalists by training and intent, but who also pursue professional lives beyond the typical tenure-track. We will also hear from members of the MAA’s Ad Hoc committee on Professional Diversity convened to address all medievalists, and we will discuss ways to implement significant strategic changes to expand the programing of Medieval Centers and Programs to find pathways toward greater inclusivity, inter-connection, and community. We will hear from panelists who can speak to professional lives outside the traditional academic track and will address the mutual benefits of learning what medievalists in all jobs and professional setting do. We will learn how their skills have helped them and what their professional pathways have encouraged them to do that a traditional trajectory would not have. In other words, this CARA conference especially seeks to delve to the very core of CARA’s mission and what it can do to expand the reach and support of medievalists at large. Ours will be, it is hoped, the beginning of a longer, more fruitful, and expansive conversation and commitment as we move toward the MAA’s 2025 Centennial year.

You may register for the CARA Meeting when you register online for the MAA Annual Meeting. Please note that pre-registration is required. If you have already registered for the MAA Annual Meeting and wish to add the CARA Meeting to your registration, please contact Executive Director Lisa Fagin Davis for assistance.

Click here for more information and to register for the Annual Meeting and the CARA Meeting:

We look forward to seeing you at Berkeley!

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