MAA News – MAA Grants Awarded

Tripoli, Bohemond VI or VII, gold bezant, 1251-87. Courtesy of Princeton University Numismatic Collection.

We are very pleased to be able to support the work of these scholars through our grant programs:

Belle da Costa Greene Award

Carolyn Quijano (Columbia University), “The Stranger and the Guest: Foreign Magistracies in the Medieval Italian City States, c. 1200-1475”

Olivia Remie Constable Awards

Dana Katz, “A Lost Mediterranean Landscape: The Parklands and Palaces of Medieval Sicily”

Joel Pattison, “Mediterranean trade and religious law: Genoa and the Maghrib”

Jennifer Solivan-Robles, “Virtues, Vices and Preachers: the Mnemonic Function of the Sculpted Programs in Medieval Cathedrals”

Alice Isabella Sullivan, “Mount Athos, Sinai, and the Danubian Lands: Patronage, Ideology, and Visual Culture in the Late Middle Ages”

Dissertation Grants

Hope Emily Allen Dissertation Grant: Jessica E. Zisa (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Loving Bodies, Willing Minds: Affect, Cognition, and Gender in Late Medieval England”

John Boswell Dissertation Grant: Anabelle Gambert-Jouan (Yale University), “The Places of Sculpture in Medieval Italy and Iberia: Production, Diffusion, and Display of Wood ‘Deposition’ Groups”

Helen Maud Cam Dissertation Grant: Elizabeth Carolyn Cargile (Fordham University), “The Shape of History: Formal Variety and the Production of the Past in Twelfth-Century History Writing in England and Normandy (ca. 1120 – 1154)”

Grace Frank Dissertation Grant: Elena Gittleman (Bryn Mawr College), “Legacies of Ancient Theater in Middle Byzantine Visual Culture (ca.843 – 1204)”

Etienne Gilson Dissertation Grant: Jana Valesca Meyer (University of New Mexico), “Social Status, Occupation, and Health in Central European Medieval Societies: A Bioarchaeological Study with Special Attention to Societal Risks for Osteoarthritis in the Early and Late Middle Ages”

Frederic C. Lane Dissertation Grant: Mario Sassi (University of Pennsylvania), “Bedeviled Clergy and Demonic Roosters: The Supernatural in Trecento and Quattrocento Exempla”

Robert and Janet Lumiansky Dissertation Grant: Rachael Vause (University of Delaware), “The Cross and the Body in Early Medieval England”

E. K. Rand Dissertation Grant: Emma Le Pouesard (Columbia University), “Contested Sites of Feminine Agency: Ivory Grooming Implements in Late Medieval Europe”

Charles T. Wood Dissertation Grant: LauraLee Brott (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The Holy Land within the Manuscript: Performative Cartography in BL Add. MS 10049”

Schallek Awards

Abigail Marie Adams (University of Texas at Austin), “Textual Excerpts in Fifteenth-Century English Miscellanies”

Matthew Cleary (University of Edinburgh), “Select Issues in Inheritance Law in England, c. 1440- c. 1500: Jurisdictional Relations under Civil and Canon Law” (working title)

Aylin Malcolm (University of Pennsylvania), “Literature and ecological science in late medieval England”

Rachel Podd (Fordham University), “Health and Disease in Late Medieval England”

Christopher Queen (University of California, Riverside), “Late Middle English Literature, affect and emotion, queer studies, manuscript studies, medievalism, history of the field, textual and bibliographical criticism”

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