MAA News – New Dues Structure

It is nearly time to renew your membership in the Medieval Academy of America. Our renewal season begins on October 1, so you will be hearing from us soon. At its meeting in Philadelphia last March, the Council of the Medieval Academy approved several important changes to our dues structure for Active members (the dues for student, independent, retired, and other members will be unchanged). The following changes will be in force as of October 1:

1) <$60,000 annual income: dues reduced from $100 to $80; 2) $60,001-$90,000 annual income: dues unchanged at $120; 3) $90,001-$130,000 category: dues increased from $145 to $175; 4) The >$130,000 category will be changed to a range of $130,001-$170,000 and the dues for that category will be set at $230;
5) The highest income category will be set at >$170,000, with a dues rate of $275;
6) The designation “Friend” will be added to the “Independent, Contingent, Part-Time, K-12 Educator, Retired” category, for non-academics with an interest in the Middle Ages.

We hope that by reducing dues for our Active members who earn less than $60,000/year, we can make MAA membership more affordable for those who may be in financially precarious situations. To help compensate for this reduction, we are asking members who earn greater than $90,000/year to pay slightly more in dues.

As of October 1, the Dues structure will be a follows:

ACTIVE (the base dues rate):
Salary up to $60,000: $80
Salary $60,001 – $90,000: $120
Salary $90,001 – $130,000: $175
Salary $130,001 – $170,000: $230
Salary greater than $170,000: $275

Independent, Contingent, Part-Time, K-12 Educator, Retired, Friend: $60

Student: $30

For more information about membership, please visit our website:

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