MAA News – When in Rome

During their recent trip to Rome and Naples, the Executive Directors had the happy chance to meet the current group of medieval and Renaissance scholars now at the American Academy in Rome as fellows and residents. Together with spouses and other fellows and residents at the AAR, they shared a table for conversation and one of the Academy’s wonderful evening meals. The get-together, organized by Prof. Jennifer Davis (History, Catholic University) followed a “shop talk” on Boccaccio by AAR Resident Rome Scholar Guido Ruggiero (History, University of Miami) and a reception.

The group also included Margaret Marshall Andrews (Ph.D. candidate, Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Aaron Allen (Musicology, UNC Greensboro), Bradford Bouley (Ph.D. candidate, History, Stanford), Dr. Benjamin David Brand (Music History, University of North Texas), Prof. Laura Giannetti (Italian Studies, University of Miami), Albertus G.A. Horsting (Ph.D. candidate, Theology, Notre Dame), Rachel Horsting, Prof. Craig Martin (History, Oakland University), Dr. Kailan Rubinoff (Musicology, UNC Greensboro), Carly Jane Steinborn (Ph.D, candidate, Art History, Rutgers), Prof. William Tronzo (Art History, UC, San Diego), Dr. Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), and Dr. Lila Yawn (AAR adviser in Medieval Studies).

Other medievalists in Residence this year include Teodolina Barolini (Columbia), Peter Brown (Princeton), Dorothy Glass (SUNY, Buffalo), Christopher Kleinhenz (Wisconsin, Madison) and Christian Moevs (Notre Dame). This holiday season the Rome community will be joined by immediate past-president of the MAA, Elizabeth A.R. (Peggy) Brown.

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