Rare Book School Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2020

“The most generous, intense, and collaborative learning experience I have ever had.” – 2019 Rare Book School student.

Expand your understanding of book history during a Rare Book School course this summer. The five-day intensive courses on the history of manuscript, print, and digital materials will be offered at the University of Virginia, The Thomas J. Watson Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, the Schomburg Institute for Black Culture, Amherst College, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Library Company of Philadelphia, Harvard University, and Indiana University, Bloomington.

Among the thirty-eight courses, we are pleased to offer several pertinent to those involved in the study of rare books, manuscripts, special collections, and librarianship in special collections. The following is a sample of the breadth of the RBS offerings:

– C-75: Developing and Interpreting African American Special Collections, taught by Cheryl Beredo and Kevin Young (both of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture)

– H-65: Material Foundations of Map History, 1450-1900, taught by Matthew Edney (of the University of Southern Maine)

– I-35: The Identification of Photographic Print Processes, taught by Al Carver-Kubik and Jennifer Jae Gutierrez (of the Image Permanence Institute)

– I-85: Japanese Prints and Illustrated Books in Context, taught by Julie Nelson Davis (of the University of Pennsylvania)

To be considered in the first round of admissions decisions, course applications should be submitted no later than 17 February. Applications received after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Visit the website at www.rarebookschool.org for course details, instructions for applying, and evaluations by past students. Contact the RBS Programs Team at rbsprograms@virginia.edu with questions.

We hope to see you at Rare Book School soon!
With kindest regards,
The RBS Programs Team

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