Updated 2011 Call for Papers

As you probably know, the fate of the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America for 2011, scheduled to be held in Arizona, was in question because of Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, SB1070, which many across the country found to be morally and legally deeply flawed. On August 3, the Executive Committee of the Academy voted to hold the meeting as planned for reasons that the Committee explained in the statement posted on the Academy’s website. Because of this decision, we are extending the deadline for submissions of papers to October 15. The Executive Committee and the local Program Committee are working to ensure that the program of the meeting reflects and relates to similar issues at stake in Arizona and in medieval society, including such topics as race, ethnicity, immigration, tolerance, treatment of minority groups, protest against governmental policies judged unjust, and standards of judicial and legislative morality. We are particularly interested now in receiving proposals on those topics, although we will still consider proposals on any topic. Please consult the Academy’s website (or visit http://acmrs.org/conferences/MAA_2011/MAAconference.html) for an updated call for papers and instructions on how to submit your proposals. If you have any questions about the 2011 meeting or the call for papers, please contact Audrey Walters at acmrs@asu.edu.

Thank you very much.

The Executive Committee
The 2011 Program Committee

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